Source: The universe struts its stuffover Utah’s Uintas. For more stargazing trip ideas, visit 

The northern Minnesota sky was clear and blue, and the water slid beneath our canoes with only a gentle swish. In a few hours, I knew, these same lakes would hold

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13 The Hiker’s Code Of Conduct
THE FIRST TIME I EVER stepped off a trail in Canyonlands National Park, Utah, my mother grabbed my hand and pulled me swiftly to her side so that no one else would see what I did. “It takes up to 250 years for the cryptobiotic soil to recover,” she s
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Gust Busters
Windshell designers are constantly searching for the optimal balance between breathability and protection, since too much of one often means too little of the other. The Agravic’s best-in-test recipe pairs air-permeable polyester (in the lower torso
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8 City By The Bay
Forget sourdough and Silicon Valley: Greater San Francisco’s most valuable treasure is its 80,000-acre necklace of wildflower-spotted hills, miles-long beaches, and oceanside bluffs. Stretching from Tomales Bay in the north to the redwood groves sout