flat out

DEITY T-MAC | $170

THE NEW T-MAC PEDAL FROM DEITY IS one of the most interesting flat pedals I’ve ridden. The unique size and shape are a radical departure from the thinner-is–better trend, presenting the theory that mixing thick and thin in all the right places is the best approach. That said, it’s no surprise that the pedal’s most noticeable characteristic is size. It’s big. And that’s a good thing.

The 110x105-millimeter footprint is complemented by a concavity of 2.5 millimeters per side and it’s a slim 14 millimeters thick at the axle. My foot settles right into the deep concave to match up like two pieces of a puzzle.

This unique characteristic makes the T-Mac feel incredibly stable. Add a generous arrangement of 14 tall pins and it seems next to impossible to slip a pedal. Even though the T-Mac may look like it takes up

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