I ate a WORLD RECORD and didn't even know


A morning of fishing off the coast of California resulted in a cooler full of tasty bott omfish, including a brown rockfish weighing more than 5 pounds that my buddy Ron Ballanti caught.

Once back at the dock, Ballanti took off for an appointment, so I filleted the fish and served them for dinner that evening. Later, out of curiosity, I checked the International Game Fish Association online database.

Th at’s when I discovered that I ate a world record.


This brown rockfish would have been a new world record.

That rockfish you caught beat the IGFA world record by at least a pound.” “The bad news?” “It’s, ah … gone. But it was, ummm, delicious.

How could I let this happen? How would I break the news to my buddy?

“Ron, I’ve got good news and bad news,” I started out. “The good news — that rockfish you caught beat the IGFA world record by at least a pound.”

“The bad news?” he asked, listening intently for the other shoe to drop.

“It’s, ah … gone,” I answered.

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