SCHOOL is in (surf) SESSION

With my feet planted on a surfb oard and gliding on a perfect wave behind a loaded MasterCraft XStar, I had one goal in mind: to let go of the rope. It went against everything I’d learned about tow sports over the years of water skiing, wakeboarding and wakeskating. The rope has been an essential part of the equation. But here, today, to do this right, I had to let go and let the boat’s massive wake do the work. Thankfully, I had Travis Moye calling out to me from the back of the boat, teaching me how.

getting started

he Boarding School sits on an 88-acre plot of land with three interconnected private lakes, about a half-hour drive from the Orlando International Airport. Turning onto the road into the property, I passed by a farm that had an ostrich in its front paddock, staring at me as I passed by. I parked in front of the ranch house and walked to the docks in the back, where a woman sat at a table with her young son, who was playing with Transformers.

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