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Creative presentation Show your photos as a book


Presenting images in book form adds a layer of creativity to the process that can help you to stand out. Unlike an amateur photo album-style of photo book, you can weave a narrative

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Digital Camera World2 min read
Pull Pics Into Shape
The key to a successful shot is the quality of the composition, and the Crop Tool is often seen as the go-to tool for making improvements in this area. But the process of trimming off excess space and using a little rotation to fix a wonky horizon al
Digital Camera World1 min read
Too Many Pixels?
Digital cameras sensors are packed with many more pixels than the 8 million needed for a 4K image, so camera engineers use a number of methods to get around this. The basic option is a 1:1 pixel crop, where a 3,840 x 2,160 (or 4,096 x 2,160) pixel po
Digital Camera World1 min read
Six Ways To Shoot…
Know those sunset conditions when the sun is so low behind you that you can’t avoid including it? Instead of cursing it, embrace it and shoot your own shadow selfie. It’s a slightly more arty form of the modern selfie phenomenon. Deep shadows are a g