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Source: 1 REFINED CONTROLS Like the EOS 80D, the new 77D features two control wheels and a top-plate LCD screen.2 GO WIRELESS Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth enable you to control the 77D from a connected smartphone.3 MAKING MOVIES The 77D can record Full HD 60p and has an HDR Movie mode.



As Canon celebrates three decades of the EOS system, it’s taken the opportunity to introduce a trio of additional EOS cameras: two APS-C DSLRs and new CSC


F IRST on the list of Canon’s latest EOS launches (see opposite page also) is the 77D. Positioned between the new 800D and the 80D, it’s pitched as a camera that’s “ideal if you’re looking to upgrade your kit and re?ne your skills?? Canon’s DSLR line-up isn’t exactly short of upgrade options: there are already six APS-C DSLRs in the current EOS range before you factor in the two new cameras?

Muddying the waters further, both the 77D and the older (and more expensive) 80D share a similar feature set? ?oth use the same ????-megapixel CMOS sensor, carry out autofocus duties with the same 45 cross-type AF point system, and feature Canon’s excellent

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