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One of the biggest photography events in Europe, big name photographers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, passionate pros and keen amateurs convene at the NEC in Birmingham for The Photography Show.

The Photography Show is a

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Digital Camera World1 min read
Interfit Honey Badger Unleashed
£699/$749 Released out into the wild lightly larger and nearly 1kg heavier than the mains-powered Honey Badger head, the newer Unleashed edition runs on a rechargeable battery. Unlike the Elinchrom and Profoto battery-pow
Digital Camera World1 min read
That’s A Moiré!
Subjects that have fine, grid-like details near the resolution limit of the grid-like pattern of photosites on the sensor can create problems during demosaicing. The most common artifact is what’s known as ‘moiré’, which manifests itself as stripes o
Digital Camera World4 min read
Take The Road Less Travelled
It’s always exciting to arrive into a new place with a camera bag and a few empty memory cards. But every unfamiliar location has a lot to take in and learn about in order to make the best of your (often limited) time. I’m currently midway through a