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Welcome to the January 2017 issue of Digital Camera

First, To make 2017 your best photo year ever, we’ve invited 12 of the world’s most talented, creative and inspirational photographers to set you an assignment.

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Digital Camera World2 min read
2 Setting Up To Go Slow With An Nd Filter
One of the most versatile tools you can have when you’re capturing images of water is the neutral density filter. This is a solid, dark plate of glass that’s often square in size and fits into a filter holder. (Some designs are circular and screw dir
Digital Camera World2 min read
Low-light Landscape Challenge
In the winter months, the landscape photography genre comes into its own. Whatever the time of day, there is something to be captured, whether it’s a twinkling cold and icy scene at night or the sun disappearing behind some stormy clouds. In winter,
Digital Camera World2 min read
Winter Wonderland
Landscape photographer Justin Minns is best-known for his atmospheric images of East Anglia. He has many clients, including the National Trust and English Heritage, and regularly contributes to photography magazines. Justin is also an experienced pho