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It’s 12.45pm on the first Thursday in August, I’m about to start work at the biggest fringe festival in the world – Edinburgh – and things are about to

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Digital Camera World1 min read
Jocelyn Gale Camera: Sony Alpha 37 Location: Cornwall Photography student Jocelyn has one year left to go on her degree course, and recently completed her second spell of work experience on Digital Camera. So rather than helping us out with photo pro
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Warrior 1 James Abbott
Some views look great to the naked eye – but when it comes to photographing them, it’s sometimes next to impossible to find a composition that works. Fortunately, though, this landscape shot is one that works – and with a few tweaks, there’s bags of
Digital Camera World2 min read
Edit Focus-stacked Images
Blending a set of focus-stacked images in Photoshop really couldn’t be simpler. In fact, the whole process relies on a series of automated tasks, so all you have to do is select the relevant processes in the main menu, and the software takes care of