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The Art Of Seeing
This photograph was taken on the remote island of Kitava, part of the Trobriand archipelago in the Solomon Sea, Papua New Guinea. It’s a remarkable and beautiful place. There’s no electricity, running water or amenities, and the small population is l
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What Do The Names Mean?
… Raw. It is not an acronym, so doesn’t need to be written as ‘RAW’. It’s simply a file format in which the raw data from the camera sensor is stored. Raw images are specific to different manufacturers and cameras, which is why the suffixes are diffe
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The winner is… Nikon Z 7
f we had to pick just one camera from this group, it would be the Nikon Z 7; but let’s turn back a few pages and start at the beginning. In the Canon 6D Mk II vs RP contest, the Canon 6D Mk II SLR is a clear winner. It has great handling and a contro