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PART 3 The interview


A star speaker at the Digital Splash Show in October, this top fine-art photographer and teacher reflects on his outdoor photography approach with Geoff Harris

Dettifoss, Iceland Jonathan says: “This was a very energycharged moment, as I was perched on the edge of a cliff, with the roar of the waterfall, the spray blowing in onto the lens and night setting in. I only had one or two goes at getting this one right!” Nikon D800E with Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens; 3 sec at f/11, ISO 50


Jonathan Chritchley’s work is seen in exhibitions, galleries, magazines and books worldwide. His clients include Ralph Lauren, Hilton International, Fortuny and P&O.

Jonathan is the founder and owner of Capture Earth and Ocean Capture, two companies specialising in luxury photography workshops and tours.

He was named one of the Top 100 Photographers of All Time by The Sunday Times. His first book, Silver, was published in 2014.

T HE He is a big draw at this year’s Digital Splash show, and is living proof that you can switch

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