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In his article about the new H-D Milwaukee- Eight engine, Kevin Cameron, states: “By switching from modified hemi two-valve to nearly flat four-valve, the surface

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Cycle World5 min read
Xross Generational Racing
Billows of smoke drift across the track, plumes soon brought to life and given color by the yellow sparks dragging parts as 40-year-old air-cooled superbikes rip some of the finest tarmac in the world. The race to Turn 1 is on, and yet I can’t see a
Cycle World8 min read
Dr. Robin Tuluie
“News of Rob”—it was always that, like pings from a satellite gone out of our orbit, sending snaps from other planets. The first news of Robin Tuluie reached our San Francisco café racer club—the Roadholders—in 1986, before we’d actually met him: som
Cycle World2 min read
India Rising
It was quite a first editorial meeting in May of 1999, a room full of highly experienced Cycle World staff, and wondering what job I would end up with on my first issue. I had visions of a Honda RC-45 or Yamaha YZF-R7 test. Strangely, my debut riding