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In spite of Michael Lock’s efforts to introduce “English,” (“American Flat-Track Revival,” March) this is America and flat-track has a “pit area” not a “paddock.” As Theodore Roosevelt said: Immigrants need to learn our language.

The DT-07 is nice but Yamaha needs to support the sport of flat-track with a real effort rather than fantasy and tribute bikes. For what Yamaha

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The Telescopic Fork
Look at the bikes in today’s on- or off-road competition, and you will find telescopic forks on all of them. A “tele” is structurally simple and has continued to develop new strengths. Critics correctly note that its sliding motion generates “stictio
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Air. Force.
MotoGP bikes are still accelerating strongly at 200 mph. At that speed, wind pressure—aerodynamic drag—on the front of the machine has taken substantial weight off the front tire, and adding acceleration to this can result in instability, or even fro
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Two Wheels for All
When you think about motorcycle shows, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the sight of a bunch of dudes cruising around a windowless hall looking at rows of machines, maybe a few T-shirt vendors and a couple of fried-food carts? Did you