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Central structure on the Alta’s aluminum frame is the cast bulkhead (right) that carries the small brushless electric motor. Helical reduction gears run in oil and transfer power to the conventional drive sprocket across the frame. Maintenance intervals are 1,000 hours of running. Rear subframe need not carry hot, heavy exhaust and is therefore made of high-strength plastic.

Upper frame construction is forgings with exquisite welds (“We went to the bicycle industry for that”) around the steering head. Conventional WP linkage shock mates to tidy, one-piece cast-aluminum swingarm.

All you have to do is look at the Alta Motors Redshift MX to know: New tech electric device or not, the Redshift was designed by people who deeply know motorcycles. It may have no exhaust system, no gas tank, no kickstarter, no traditional subframe, no engine (!), but this future.

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