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Parking Lot Party
It’s not a tailgate party without the jams. UE’s newest wireless Bluetooth speaker hears that message loud and clear, and comes prepared with 360-degree sounds, voice control, serious bass, and built-in Alexa capabilities. It’s also waterproof, dustp
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Rethinking Avalanche Education
If you’ve ever looked at an ice crystal though a loupe, you know that snow science is a complicated, multifaceted field, with an overwhelming amount to learn. In the past, educators have struggled to cram the appropriate knowledge, skills, and scienc
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Cannon Mounatin, N.H.
THOSE IN SEARCH of a ski area that embodies independence and an old school vibe need look no further than Cannon. Diehards longing for the good old days of skiing will be drawn at first to what Cannon doesn’t have. There are no trailside homes or con