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Source: Kristi Lovell, Stein’s Way, Deer Valley, Utah


G-force junkies bent on breaking the sound barrier


Edgy, wasp-waisted corduroy crushers


Groomers, hardpack, bulletproof ice


Cloud 12 $950 with binding

D: 112-70-97 | R: 15.3 (161)* L: 147, 154, 161, 168

Atomic’s new alpha carver incorporates Servotech, a carbon rod in the forebody that acts

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BRIDGER BOWL, OUTSIDE BOZEMAN, Montana, carries in its character much of the gritty mythology that defines Montana as iconic of the American West. Take the Bridger Mountains, which are named for mountain man Jim Bridger, the fur trapper, scout, and p
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The best way to measure the appeal of Whitefish is to measure what it’s not: glitzy, overbuilt, or overpriced. Through the blessings of a remote Northern Montana location, a passionate local community, and an honest-to-goodness real town, this is a p
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Medicine Man
Shuffling towards the base of Alta in the early morning hour, my stride is dampened. It’s still dark out and I’m trying to skate-ski to the base area dragging a massive pile of laundry from Dr. Ken Libre’s home—near the bottom of the Wildcat tree run