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Mt. Rose, Nev.
YOU CAN BE at a blackjack table at a casino in downtown Reno, and 30 minutes later, be booting up at the base of Mt. Rose. The accessibility is just one of the defining features of this no-frills ski area smack between the northeastern edge of Lake T
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The Language of Skiing
I’m sitting with seven other skiers and two guides in CMH’s Galena Lodge getting a briefing on what to expect over our next few days. The seven other guests (all men) and myself (not a man) are signed up for a heli-accessed ski touring trip. We’ll sp
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Cover Your Bases
You can baby your skis all you want, but sooner or later, bases are going to get nicked. At the end of a given ski day, you could walk away with minor scratches caused by gravel mixed in with the snow around the base area, or major gouges courtesy of