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Azimut S7

When you get a look at the design of the Azimut S7, you may begin to understand how evolution really works, as good traits are kept and continued and amplified, while less successful attributes fall by the wayside. So it goes with yacht styling, and the renderings —

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Power & Motoryacht6 min read
Wild and Three
There’s nothing like the gut-dropping sound of the prop grounding out, or the teeth-rattling vibrations that follow. If you’re at the helm, it’s a sound you never forget. Especially if you are 13 years old, and your dad has given you the privilege of
Power & Motoryacht3 min read
Galati G120 Signature Hargrave
Many serial yacht owners form a close relationship with their broker in the course of buying and selling numerous vessels over the years. That’s the case with the owner of Catera, the new Galati G120 Signature Series by Hargrave, which debuted at the
Power & Motoryacht6 min read
The Family Business
It’s a common and cruel statistic that only 30 percent of businesses make it into the hands of a second generation; 12 percent get passed down to the third generation. It drops off even more precipitously from there. The Galati family is anything but