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Private Party

Red and blue fireworks explode against the night sky, illuminating the fleet of Sea Rays and Boston Whalers below. A mix of oldies and pop music blare from a professional sound system as guests—past, current, and prospective owners—dance, mingle, and walk the docks.

Ding-a-ling-a-ling! The sound of a ringing bell and applause, if only for a moment,

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Power & Motoryacht2 min read
The Power of Water
First, I wondered if the stream of cooling water sluicing overboard from my self-contained air-con unit was a little sparse. But you know how it goes, right? I filed my wonderment away under: “Dang, Bill, don’t be so negative.” Then a weekend later,
Power & Motoryacht3 min read
Summit 54
You may not know Summit MotorYachts—not yet at least—but you certainly know its parent company, Kadey-Krogen, and their globe-trotting, long-range cruisers. According to the builder, its new line of planing motoryachts is a reflection of market trend
Power & Motoryacht3 min read
Heart Of The Matter
Who needs five outboards? Does anyone really need a 45-foot center console with fold-down gunwales? Is there anyone that needs a million-plus-dollar yacht? I’ve heard it time and time again over the years. No, no one needs those things. When I see on