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Xiaomi Mi Mix 5G
• £30 up front then £67.09 a month over 24 months with O2 (unlimited data) • £29 up front then £63 a month over 24 months with Vodafone (unlimited data) If you’ve not heard of Xiaomi before, it’s one of the big Chinese phone makers now making in-road
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4K HDR under £1,000
BEST FOR SCREEN SIZE In terms of picture per pound, Hisense has this category sewn up. This 65-inch model gives you a big, bright picture, and costs less than a mid-range phone. There’s a 4K panel, of course, and it presents Ultra HD pictures with gr
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Duncan Bell Is In A Smart Home
This month I have been pondering the nature of the smart home, and wondering when we’ll be able to do more than just turn our lights on or off by shouting at Alexa. To that end, I spoke to some consultants to the building trade and they had interesti