Source: Zero distr actions The ReMarkable features no Web-browsing functionality – so you’re not going to be distracted by tweets, Facebook or random emailsFull-bodied The ReMarkable paper tablet is over twice the size of the average e-reader, so you have more display to play with. If you use it for around two to three hours a day, the battery should last a week

$716 (£573), getremarkable.com

What’s this then, T3 ?

It’s a digital journal. A connected sketchpad. An upmarket e-reader. The blank canvas for that novel you’re longing

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When is an ebike not totally an ebike? When other riders can’t actually tell you’re riding one, but you’re able to sail past them like you’ve got your own personal tail wind. Here we have three of the best undercover ebikes; with integrated batteries
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Product 01: Ampler Curt
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