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THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO… Smart coldproofing
This the season to be… freezing cold, if you’re bold enough to step outside your front door. Inside your home is a different matter altogether though, and a growing number of smart tech devices are now available to keep you warm and toasty all winter
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Get It Done
As adept at entertaining as it is at accompanying you through the work day, the Envy is a light, powerful and tightly designed laptop that impresses on every front. It’s secure, too: there’s a webcam kill-switch and a built-in fingerprint reader. £1,
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HEAD MASTERS Jabra Elite 75t
£169 For those willing to look beyond AirPods (or AirPods Pro) there are rich true wireless pickings to be had right now. From Powerbeats Pro to Cambridge Audio’s Melomania 1, there are loads of very good options. They’re broadly similar