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Product 01: Ampler Curt
Ampler’s electric offering is reminiscent of the T3 test-winning Vanmoof Electrified S we featured a couple of years back - stealth bomber matte black, with a hidden drive system and built-in lights. It’s not quite the tech showcase that epitomised t
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Product 02: Ribble Sl E Endurance
Though it lacks the cachet of exotic bike labels, UK brand Ribble’s electric road bike - the Endurance SL e - delivers on so many levels at a price that’s only a grand and a bit up on the non electric version it’s based on. What’s not to like? At a g
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Gadget Guru’s Magic Box
Technology never sleeps – and in the warmer months of the year, neither does Guru. Once he has shed all the bedding, switched on the pedestal fan, and taken as many antihistamines as his body can safely handle, there has generally been little answer