The mission

Can the latest action cameras stand the ultimate test: shooting video in the freezing, airless environment 38km above the Earth?

The man

Child of the space-aged ’60s and sci-fi space nut, former T3 editor Steve had the right stuff for the job

The tech

GoPro Hero 5 £400 gopro.com

Kaiser Baas X4 Action £200 kaiserbaas.co.uk

SpyTec GL300 £35 sentintospace.com

Latex balloon £65-£285 sentintospace.com

Helium £218 for 20 litres BOConline.co.uk

You need some major insulation for sending up even hardy tech

This issue’s Man vs Tech is a bit of a two-header. First, we want to see how easy it is to send an issue of T3 into space – and while we were at it, we figured we might as well put some action cameras through their paces. So it was one small step

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