Hands-on: Running Android apps on a Chromebook could be the best of both worlds

GOOGLE WANTS RUNNING Android apps on a Chromebook to feel natural, and to do that, it needs to convert someone like me—someone who’s consciously avoided Android’s legendary (go.pcworld.com/andrdmalw) malware problems. The better fit for me has been the serenity of Chrome OS, with its regular updates, innate security (go.pcworld.com/chrmbksec), and easy recovery tools. That’s why I tote my Chromebook (go.pcworld.com/chrmbkexile) everywhere.

Android apps are coming to Chromebooks this year, though, and the truth is, they need each other. Chromebooks have had mainstream and vertical success (especially in schools), but with few native apps they’re stuck in browser-land. Meanwhile, Android is straining to escape the confines of mobile devices (the few PC-sized Android devices haven’t taken off).

is ready to embrace Chromebook users, who will suddenly have access to

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