Not feeling it?

n you’re in, or even how often you hit the gym, there will be days when you feel like you just can’t push anymore — the weights feel really heavy, you can’t get into the groove or you’re just plain hurting. Hey, it happens. But how should you handle it? Give in and try again tomorrow, or

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her whole life, Karen Hill Meyer struggled to keep up. Physical activities left her exhausted and breathless, and she got winded simply from walking up a flight of stairs. And her diet of fried foods and latenight carbs certainly wasn’t helping. When
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Hiit Your Hormones
Oh, hormones — they peak and dip at the most inconvenient times, affecting every aspect of your life, from mood and sex drive to fertility and metabolism. But what affects your hormones? As it turns out — exercise. “Hormones are like tiny traffic cop