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Stretch To Spark Happiness
When you’re going through a tough time, you feel like you want to curl up and hide — and you might unconsciously be doing just that, closing up your arms, hunching your shoulders and dipping your head down. This postural alteration constricts both yo
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Live, Love, Lift
few words sting as much as a snide comment about your weight, but at age 7, that’s exactly what Megan Thibault faced when her grandmother’s friend exclaimed, “Oh wow, she’s a chunky one!” That sentiment stuck in her mind with such tenacity that Thiba
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Band Together
no matter how diligently you schedule your life, there will be times you’ll miss a workout. In these cases, grab your trusty resistance band and use one or more of these three mini-workouts for a quick burst of energy. Each should take no more than 1