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Battery Bafflement
I have received a recall notice to have the battery in my MacBook Pro replaced. At first I was very impressed that Apple was offering to replace the battery free of charge. I thought all I would have to do was arrange to take it into one of their sto
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6 Apps To Make More Of A City Break
Taking a vacation in a new city – whether it’s overseas or one here in the US – is a great way to try some new food, see some new culture, soak up a bit of history, and just generally refuel. But it’s no good getting to the door of your hotel or AirB
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Manage Wi–Fi and Bluetooth
iOS 11 or later How to manage Bluetooth and Wi–Fi connections, switch audio outputs and share passwords with AirDrop 5 minutes THE RELEASE OF iOS 11 in 2017 made some changes to the way Wi-Fi and Bluetooth worked on iOS devices, and it led to some co