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campus isn’t open to the public, and even authorized visitors are ushered firmly to and from the department they’ve been invited to. There’s just one area where everyone’s always welcome: the Company

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Free (IAPs) From Limitliss, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 12.1 or later If you’re one of those people who hate scrolling through their list of friends, family members and colleagues in Contacts and being confronted with la
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Sync Your Settings And Info
THE ICLOUD CONCEPT started off as a way to sync settings between devices, and that’s still one of its most useful abilities. The less you notice it, the more useful it’s probably being. On a Mac, check what iCloud is managing in System Preferences >
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How We Tested
Each speaker was set up side by side, first on a coffee table in the middle of a large room; secondly at the back of a desk abutting a wall, with appropriate environment settings triggered if available. As well as using a range of music, we also ran