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are familiar with Sun Salutations, but few know about prostrations—their fundamental root. A prostration is a full-body practice of surrender in which you lie down on the earth in a gesture of reverential bowing, called . In Prana Flow Vinyasa, you start with simple classical prostrations and then learn a variation called Prana Flow Pranams—a flowing sequence of asanas that bridge prostrations with Sun Salutations. A pranam inspires a natural letting go that anyone from the beginner to the most practiced yogi can experience. It represents the power of renewal

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Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand) is a classic yoga asana. But it wasn’t one I enjoyed during my first two years of practice. Physically, I felt like I was choking, and mentally, I was restless whenever I tried it. Fortunately, within a few years I learne
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Red crystals bring physical energy. This deep-crimson mineral, in particular, increases passion. Garnet has been known to enhance sexuality, warmth, and devotion—while boosting sincerity and honesty in relationships. It is also said to transform nega