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knowing about yoga, as every child in India did, and I later practiced a set of asanas as part of my meditation practice, the real revelation that the physical practice of yoga can serve as the doorway to expanded consciousness didn’t occur to me until fairly recently. The change of heart that turned me from primarily a meditator into a dedicated student of hatha yoga [the practice of coordinating physical yoga postures with breath] was different, perhaps, from what others feel when they make yoga class part of their weekly routine. It happened when I became convinced that body, mind, and cosmos were the same unified activity, thus deserving to be treated that way instead of referring to them as separate entities. I could see

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A Begin in Tadasana (Mountain Pose), facing the front of your mat. Notice the symmetry of your pelvis and torso. B Root down through your big toe mounds while lifting your inner arches. C Spin your inner thighs back while releasing the flesh of your
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