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Stop being a lightweight

on sleep, that is. one study found that young pro athletes who didn’t get enough shut-eye tended to fifizzle out of their sport in a few years. no matter your goal, slacking on slumber is basically a straight path to burnout.

Three years ago, personal trainer Lisa MacDonald was running on empty. Her business was booming, but she could barely jog five miles. “Intervals killed me, and my god, sprints made me feel like I was dying inside,” she says.

Then she moved in with her now-husband and his 6-year-old son and had to adjust to their sleep-clean routine: no devices an hour before hitting the sack, curtains drawn in a pitch-black room, nine o’clock bedtimes.

A night owl used to getting by on just four to five hours of Zs, MacDonald found the first week rough. But she was soon snoozing for eight uninterrupted hours. “I felt fantastic,” she says. Within a month, the five-mile runs were effortless, and she increased her deadlift PR by 20 pounds. “I no longer had those moments when I just wanted to crawl into a hole.”

MacDonald’s story might seem dramatic, but it’s

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