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Pros follow @TheFlightDeal, which tweets fares that break down to less than $0.06 per mile. (That’s like a round-trip ticket from NYC to San Francisco for $266, or from Washington, D.C., to Puerto Rico for $253.)



You’ll likely get the best deals when booking less than eight weeks out (that’s when airlines usually drop their prices to fill seats) but more than three weeks before (get

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People who received a flu shot before 11:00 a.m. had much higher levels of sickness-fighting antibodies in their blood a month later, compared with people who got their shots at or after 3:00 p.m., a recent University of Birmingham study found. This
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You thought the hardest part of the trip would be keeping your luggage under 50 pounds. So why are you two squabbling in the middle of the airport—before you’ve even left? Traveling with a new flame or an established partner can invite a plane cabin’
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A cuff makes any ponytail, high or low, more elegant, says Crystal Johnson, hairstylist and owner of BlondEmpire salon near Orlando. Apply a hair oil to make sweaty strands look intentional (it’s a trend!), and “secure with an elastic band to prevent