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“My goal is to find the easiest way to look effortless and unique.”

Source: Weekends are for lounging—and hats.J. Crew, $118, jcrew.comDL1961, $208, dl1961.comHat Attack, $100, hatattack.comTHIS COULD BE YOU!Tag your Instagram photos with #rockyourbod for a chance to be featured here.Leather and fringe give dark colors a lift.“My mood drives how I dress. I put on clothes that express how I feel that day.”H&M, $80, hm.comASOS, $79, asos.comJeffrey Campbell, $175, jeffreycampbell shoes.com

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“Finding my style was trial and error. When I was younger, the whole time. I eventually had to ask myself, “Why am I doing this to myself?” and found my wardrobe staples and started to form my look. I think it boils down to how comfortable and confident you are in what you choose to wear… a way to express my personality and identity. I navigate between extremes: It’s either neutrals or it’s brights, but all of the looks have I wear more form-fitting clothing below my waist than above because A go-to: a simple tank top and an edgy Topshop blazer with skinny black waxeddenim jeans, which look really polished. I love topping an outfit with a jacket that has some personality I often create outfits around shoes, like my Jeffrey Campbell lace-up booties. Dresses and jumpers are great because they’re built-in outfits that you can just throw on and go. For dresses, I have a whole rack of hats at my house, and cover my Florida frizz… As a salesperson and consultant for high school yearbooks, I work with a lot of teen girls whom I hope to have an influence on in a lot of ways, including clothes and style. or dress provocatively or subscribe to every trend to have great style.”

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