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Tried and True

Squats. Lunges. Glute bridges. These classic moves are the holy trinity of hot and healthy hips. “When performed together, they’re a trifecta that trains the hip muscles to flex as hard as possible (the bridge), contracts the muscles at their full range of motion, stretching them completely (the

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‘Po‘sitive Thinking Takes Practice.”
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF (WH’S SISTER MAG!) Follow the ups and downs on Insta @ayakanai. It’s hard to find the right words to express how incredibly challenging the past few months have been for everyone’s mental and physical health. When I wrote this column,
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Kinda like a hotline, but for people who aren’t having an immediate mental health crisis. Warmlines are great for quick, in-the-moment intervention, says Chloe Carmichael, PhD—say, if you’re feeling anxious or experiencing strong urges (e.g., to smok
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Sunrise Smiles
Laurie Santos, PhD, teaches the most popular class at Yale: “Psychology and the Good Life,” or basically, “How to Be Happy.” But you don’t need Ivy League status to hear her wisdom. She has an online version of the class, hosts The Happiness Lab podc