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Source: hair: Takeo Suzuki for kevin Murphy/L&a arTiSTS, Makeup: Sandrine van SLee for CharLoTTe TiLbury/arT deparTMenT, ManiCure: roSeann SingLeTon for ChaneL/arT deparTMenT, naked CaShMere SweaTer, kaTie dean jeweLry neCkLaCe

On the red carpet, on the runways, and all around you, women are owning dramatic haircuts. They’re challenging beauty norms, asserting independence, and leaving emotional baggage—along with strands—on the salon floor. As evidenced by the four women on these pages, chopping off the ends (and then some) only leads to beginnings.

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“I grew up super tomboyish—I can do my own makeup, but I’ve never known what to do with my hair. I’ve wanted to shave it for as long as I can remember just so I wouldn’t have to deal with it, but I’m an actor and thought long hair would be more castable. Then, last November, I started

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