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RIP, bad hair days. You used to torture us, but these days? Not so much. Bobby pins, topknots, cute hats: The options to conceal misbehaving strands are endless (or just leave ’em as is— messy bedhead has never been chicer). If you woke up with a face full of breakouts, however, hiding is harder—it’s not as if you can casually throw on a ski mask. And while well-meaning social media movements like #makeupfreemondays are meant to highlight natural beauty, they also present incredible pressure for selfie-ready skin.

“This kind of moment-tomoment monitoring of the skin leaves us vulnerable to negative self-appraisals,” explains Rick Fried, M.D., Ph.D., a Yardley, Pennsylvania, dermatologist and psychologist. “The images we see of ourselves often elicit self-talk that torments us on an ongoing basis.” This is particularly true for women dealing with chronic inflammatory

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