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Nutritionist and personal trainer Sophie Gray (@wayofgray) wants you to “accept the shit out of yourself.” We’re here for it…but where to start if you’re feeling shaky? Be kind to a body part you neglect, or one you have bad

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Women's Health2 min read
The Winter Wonderland
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Every Kind of Self-Love
Yes, we’re talking masturbation. Pleasuring yourself comes with all kinds of life-enhancing perks: improved confidence, self-awareness, stress levels, and sleep, to name a few. And get this, orgasms look the same in the brain whether they’re triggere
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Such Great Heights
Whether you’re a runner, climber, lifter, or do-it-all kinda girl, your muscles depend on oxygen to carry you through your workout. Why, then, would you want to throw yourself into a high-elevation environment (think 5,000 feet or more above sea leve