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Mindfulness Takes Flight

Source: Pick up a book and drift away.

We’ve all heard that mindfulness is a mental-health holy grail: the answer to lack of focus, a blah mood, and even stress (which leads to physical benefits such as better sleep and a boosted immune system). But who has all that extra time to sit around being mindful with a schedule full of appointments and social obligations?

Here’s the thing: We’re getting the concept all wrong, says Pedram Shojai, a Cali-based former Taoist monk, doctor of Oriental Medicine, and author of . The idea that you must meditate to be mindful is a mistranslation of Eastern philosophies, he save you time by helping you use it with intention instead of wasting it. And you don’t have to be solo, either—some are meant to be done while interacting with others. “Time is the currency of life, so any way that you can hack your day to become more aware of how you spend time can improve your relationship with it,” says Shojai. We had our (skeptical) health director, Tracy Middleton, try 10 microhabits during the course of a day. See how she fared, then decide which could work for your life.

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