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Happy Returns
FOR YACHTSMEN WHO HAVE LONG CONSIDERED the Eden Rock on St. Barts to be the apex of shoreside excursions, the devastation Hurricane Irma wrought in 2017 was heartbreaking. The resort had to completely shut down for repairs—a potential tragedy the own
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Shredding Vortices
THE SHARROW PROPELLER is reportedly 9 percent to 15 percent more efficient than a standard Wageningen B-Series design. It is also said to deliver faster top-end speeds, greater thrust, higher-performance steering, reduced fuel burn and a smoother rid
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No Fear Of Flying
PRIOR TO DEPARTING FROM THE DOCK IN PLYMOUTH, ENGLAND, the captain of our Princess Yachts R35 called out: “If at any time you feel sick during the ride, let me know.” ¶ Forty-five knots later, our R35 and five-person crew were streaking across a rain