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Source: Cream flax and silk doublebreasted blazer, Polo Ralph Lauren; oatmeal linen shirt, Loro Piana at Mr Porter.

There are big breaks in life, and then there are thunderbolt-from-the-blue, life-redefining, shower with blossom from Heaven’s most fruitful Tree of Opportunity kind of breaks. And two of those have just come the way, quite deservedly, of Tom Glynn-Carney, a north London-dwelling actor born and raised in Salford, to whose thoughtful and intense approach to the craft of acting the world is waking up.

On the day The Rake catches up with him, Glynn-Carney is about to take the stage for the third evening in succession, thanks to a role in The Ferryman, an “unmissable new drama”, as The Daily Telegraph’s review put it, by Jez Butterworth, directed by Sam Mendes, and also starring Paddy Considine. Set in County Armagh during the height of Northern Ireland’s Troubles, the play became

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