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If the expression ‘back, sack and crack’ brings tears to your human retina, thank whichever deity you pray to that you’ve never faced the prospect of being ‘docked and cropped’. The former word (aka ‘bobbing’) refers to the constriction of the blood supply to our tails with a rubber ligature

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The Leaders Anda Rowland, Carolyn Springett, Emma Willis, Daisy Knatchbull & Audie Charles
by tom chamberlin special thanks to mark’s club It shouldn’t be a big deal that tailoring has a cadre of brilliant women running it. Perhaps it is the path we must take to get where we need to go: applaud those who have had less of a voice until it b
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Bordeaux: A New Golden Age
*Products available at by matt hranek and benedict browne Bordeaux is the sixth largest city in France, located on the Garonne river on the Atlantic coast. It is also the wine industry’s capital of France, and its region is home to famous
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In From The Cold
by charlie thomas In the universe that occupies the collective mind of The Rake, every waking day presents an opportunity to showcase one’s latest fashions, and to display to the outside world what a cultivated individual one is — it’s one of many re