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Don’t knock kids for rereading books. Encourage them to read, full stop | Andrew McCallum

A report that claims returning to old favourites such as Jeff Kinney stalls ‘progress’ misunderstands what reading is about
‘The benefits of independent reading stem more from the act itself than from the specifics of the material.’ Photograph: Christopher Thomond/Guardian

I get as frustrated as the next parent when my children appear unable to move on to reading pastures new. Dav Pilkey’s Captain Underpants books are hugely entertaining but surely there’s no reason to read the complete collection, volumes 1-12, for the seventh time?

A seems to agree with me. It claims secondary pupils are falling behind in their reading because from writers they first met in primary school. It cites data showing the 10 most popular and . In corresponding data for primary pupils the books were all written by Kinney, Walliams and Roald Dahl.

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