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The death of Billy Graham, the controversial visits to India, and the attack on the liberal world order
Source: Jonathan Drake / Reuters

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The death of Billy Graham: The influential evangelical preacher died this Wednesday at the age of 99. The man known as “America’s Pastor” was more than just that: Recognizing that Americans are not the future of evangelical Christianity, he preached his gospel across the world, from North Carolina to North Korea. But, Emma Green writes, Graham’s legacy of “bipartisan, ecumenical outreach” is in danger in today’s hyper-partisan times.

Controversial Canadian and American in the country. Some Indian officials say Sikh members of Trudeau’s Cabinet are sympathetic to a Sikh separatist movement, a charge Trudeau rejects. Donald Trump Jr. also visited India, to promote Trump luxury condos currently being built from New Delhi to Mumbai. His visit, and a foreign-policy focused speech he gave about Indo-Pacific ties, : Does Donald Jr. speak for himself in India, or for the president of the United States?

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