Educators Fear And Embrace Calls For Concealed Carry In The Classroom

Teachers are already carrying concealed guns in a handful of states, including Ohio. Some defend it, but many worry calls to arm teachers will put students further in harms way.

After last week's shooting in Parkland, Fla., calls to arm teachers and school personnel have intensified. Both President Trump and the National Rifle Association argued this week that enabling school officials to shoot back could save lives and could deter potential assailants from entering a school.

Trump has clarified that he believes only those "adept" at using firearms should be armed, not all teachers.

Teachers are already carrying concealed guns in a handful of states, including Ohio. Officials who support concealed carry for teachers say they're not just handing out guns but carefully considering who and how they should carry. Ohio has invested thousands in training.

But many educators are uncomfortable with the idea, and worry that it could put students in further harm and deter people from

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