Sebastian Kurtz Is The World's Youngest Prime Minister

The problems Austria's chancellor is facing, from immigration to xenophobia, are as old as they are intractable.
New Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (not pictured) speak to the media in front of the German federal eagle following talks at the Chancellery on January 17, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. Kurz became Austrian chancellor and heads a coalition government between his party, the center-right Austrian People's Party (OeVP), and the far-right Austria Freedom Party (FPOe). Merkel and Kurz have differing views on several issues, most notably immigration, as Kurz has touted a more hard-line approach
PER_Austria_01_905999154 Source: Photo Illustration by Picturebox Creative; Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty

| At just 31 years old, Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is the world’s youngest prime minister. In his previous job as foreign minister, he brokered a deal with his country’s Balkan neighbors to stem the flow of refugees by sealing off Europe’s southern borders, and he ordered stringent controls on “political Islam” funded from abroad. Though he calls himself a passionate pro-European, Kurz was appointed chancellor in December after sealing a controversial electoral pact with

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