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Digital vs human: Is the soul a software?

[Book extract] When we artificially create consciousness we would have true separation of body and soul.

I have few fixed beliefs. I agree with the author George Zarkadakis that without words, there would be no universe and no reality, which some people might align with The Book of Genesis. The world came into being when we found the words to describe it. I believe in the unseen, and I think it’s possible that an immaterial human soul, or spirit, exists that is somehow eternal — a separation of body and soul. This is reminiscent of computer software being separate from computer hardware.

I think it’s possible, too, that materials can hold memories of energy or events linked to people — ghosts, if you like — which has parallels with how some children think objects have minds and with how Australian Aboriginals view their landscape.

I also believe it’s possible that parallel universes exist, which some people might interpret as heaven and hell. If one day we invent communication between human brains via thought (neuro telepathy) then perhaps we’d have a

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