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The Power of Amy Lee
EVANESCENCE FRONTWOMAN Amy Lee has one of the most potent voices in music. But it took a long time for her to feel comfortable using it. “I have to admit I was pretty insecure in the beginning; I always felt like I wasn’t that good,” she tells EW. “I
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The Wildest Things I’ve Done for a Laugh
Back in 12th grade, Andre tried to leave a friend in stitches, only to wind up with stitches. “I loved Chris Farley growing up. I’d bash my head in the lockers and go, ‘I’m so stupid! Stupid! Stupid!’ [Then] I was like, ‘Oh! I’ll do it to the in-case
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Man of Action
SITTING CROSS-LEGGED ON A rehearsal mat for the new Mortal Kombat movie, Lewis Tan felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. He played on this kind of mat as a kid while his father, martial artist Philip Tan, worked on Holly-wood sets as a fight chore