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Who can lead talks with North Korea? Who will be Trump’s next economic adviser? Plus, a newly published speech from Martin Luther King Jr. and more
Source: Song Kyung-Seok / Reuters

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Talking’s Tough: How should Donald Trump’s administration approach North Korea’s reported offer to negotiate on its nuclear program? This week’s breakthrough might be merely an attempt to drive a wedge between Washington and Seoul, although that could be all the more reason to give direct diplomacy a try. If that happens, the president may have to resist the impulse to demand a full rollback of the program. Strategy aside, the diminished staff at the State Department leaves an immediate practical question: Who would lead the negotiations?

The president’s plan to impose high tariffs on steel and aluminum has been so divisive among Republican leaders that it apparently prompted Gary regarding trade policy, Reihan Salam writes. For his part, Trump appears to have won his quarrel with Cohn—but now he’ll have to replace one of his most competent advisers.

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