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Source: FAST FEET Nike’s new running shoe, the Epic React, features a new super-responsive foam. $150,

The Key to Great Running Form

The most efficient stride length is likely to be the one that’s most natural to you, suggests a small study in the . So just

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The Cold, Hard Truth About Ice
THERE’S A GOOD CHANCE you have an ice pack in your freezer. And whenever you feel back pain or knee soreness, you reach for it. You’ve been told that icing reduces swelling, speeds up healing, and helps you recover from hard workouts that batter your
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The Creativity-boosting, Serenity-inducing, Health-enhancing Power Of Hobbies
ON AVERAGE, men spend more than triple the amount of time watching TV as they do on “sports, exercise, and recreation”—the closest the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics gets to defining a hobby. Maybe that’s because a “hobby” is what your dad or grand
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The Break Of Brawn
Do 3 or 4 rounds. Rest for 1 minute after each round. Set up in a forearm plank, abs and glutes tight. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds. Want more of a challenge? Add an alternating reach, lifting 1 hand in front of you; keep your hips and shoulders square